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QR Mobile Dashboards

Sample QR Dashboard

QR Mobile Dashboards are even more powerful than typical short-code Re-Directed QR Codes. Create a QR-Accessible Mobile-Friendly web presence instantly with buttons for all the actions that you want at your clients' fingertips. The buttons you create have icons that evoke the action (i.e. the Twitter bird, the Facebook "f", phone icon, etc) with buttons labelled as you wish. Create multiple buttons with the same action (e.g. phone buttons for: office number, direct line, home office, cell). We maintain/update the Dashboard easily for you at no charge.

QR Dashboards can contain one or more of the following buttons:
• Web URLs (Brochures, Questionnaires, Coupons)
• Phone dialing (Help Lines, Restaurant Reservations)
• Email to an address with preset subject (Subscribe to Newsletters, Suggestions)
• SMS/Texting (Contests, Promos)
• Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
• App stores (Apple, Google Play)
• You Tube (commercials, training videos, demos)
• vCard (contact manager import)
• Google Maps (driving directions to events or place of business)
• Calendar Events (reminders for webinars, real estate open-house dates)

QR Mobile Dashboards can also be customized to display a product shot, logo, real estate shot, for-sale-by-owner photograph, salesperson picture, etc. Above or below the Dashboard buttons a motto, or other information (e.g. address info), can appear. The background and buttons can be customized to match corporate colors.

QR Mobile Dashboards can be supplied for consumer packaging or business card printing as an EPS or PDF compact QR. For shop/restaurant owners the Dashboard can be supplied as EPS (for print), 7" X 20" door signs (showing logo and store hours), and small stickers for application to already printed material. For real estate brokers 20" X 20" signs for outdoor display (resistant to freezing winter and sweltering summer temps, long term Ultra-Violet exposure to sun).

The Best Part; No ongoing fees. Pay only for your deliverables (QRs, signs, stickers, etc):
• No Web Site Design Fees
• No Web Server
• No Hosting fees
• No Data Storage Fees
• No Data Upload Fees
• No Data Download Fees
• No Access Fees
• No Maintenance Fees


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