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QR Codes

Sample QR Barcode

QR Codes allow mobile phone users to react spontaneously to printed material (posters, real estate signs, door signs, business cards, packaging, ads, coupons). Instantly connect the Real-World to the Internet!

QR Actions:
• Browse Web URLs (Brochures, Questionnaires, Coupons)
• Phone dialing (Help Lines, Restaurant Reservations)
• Email to a designated address with preset subject (Subscribe to Newsletters, Suggestions)
• SMS/Texting (Contests, Promos)
• Contact details (meCard for Business Cards)

Re-Directed QR Codes (where content is housed "In The Cloud") are even more powerful!

Re-Directed QR Codes Provide:
• Reliable, Quick SmartPhone Scans
• Small Size (easy to fit into designs, under 1" X 1")
• Fixed Size (easy to plan designs, content does not affect QR Code size)
• Least Complex (all smartphones apps can scan)
• Errors Correctable After the QR Code is Printed!
• Data (e.g. URL) Can be Altered After the QR Code is Printed!
• Actions (e.g. browse, SMS,...) Can be Altered After the QR Code is Printed!

Our Re-Directed QR Code Server:
• Is Cost Free (storage, downloads, uploads, and HTML creation are all free of charge)
• Provides Load Balanced 99.9999999% Up-Time Reliability
• Provides Vector Graphic Files (PDF, EPS) Which Allow for Ink-Spread Adjustment
• Allows Re-Direction Changes to be Made Instantly


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